I grew up in a small southern town but somehow I have always been a city girl at heart.

I grew up romping through the woods, riding ATV’s and crawdad fishing in the near by creek but the gilts and glamor of the city eventually sucked me in. I was home-educated K-12. Although this was very beneficial for me educationally, it did not fulfill my need to be around as many people as I possibly could. It was only a natural fit that I would love learning languages and ultimately decided to study linguistics in college.

After I received my degree from Georgia State University (BA in Linguistics, Minor in Spanish, Certificate for Teaching English as a Second Language) I promptly shipped off to South Korea to teach English for the South Korean Board of Education. Teaching was not my passion but the sweet children I loved. My 2 years in Korea was some of the best of my life!

I returned to the States and decided to work as a fine dinning restaurant manager. I loved my time in the hospitably industry. You learn so much about people. Anticipating the needs of our guests dinning was one of our main priorities, so that we could give good service. It was an intricate puzzle to solve and every guest presented a new puzzle. I became very good at reading the needs of others around me. This has also served me well in my life and I have realized how much it helps the mothers that I serve.

My husband David and I finally found each other when I was 29. He was so worth the wait and we married 4 months later! (This is a story for another time. Ask me, I would love to tell you!) A week after our wedding I was whisked off to Germany to live with my Air Force man! It was a world wind for sure but it was during this time that I found my passion for supporting and educating women about birth and their amazing bodies.

A friend of mine, who is a doctor in Australia, was pregnant for the first time while we lived in Germany. I am so fortunate that she decided to tell me about her plans for birth. One of those plans was a Doula’s support. I was fascinated with the idea and immediately drawn to it because of my past experience with birth. Previously, I had been invited to be in the births of a couple of my friends and also the birth of my younger sister. These experiences had no doubt be amazing for a young woman to have. With encouragement from my friend in Germany I began to research birth, my body, and ultimately Doula work.

In the summer of 2015 I trained in Paris, to be a birth and postpartum doula. That summer The Center for Breastfeeding came to the base in Germany and I was able to receive my Certificate for Lactation Concealing (CLC). It was an amazing honor to support so many of the ladies in our air force squadron as I was in my training period. I was able to support cesarean births, natural hospital births, unmedicated and medicated births, and a home birth with a German midwife. These experiences have been priceless for me in my Doula career.

Since then I have been able to support many families through their birth and lactation needs. I feel so fortunate to do work that I am passionate about.

"Supporting a mother while she is bringing life into this world is nothing short of outstanding. How this process happens can be defining for the mother and for the child and it is my honor and privilege to support these families."