Meet The Doulas

Get to know the doulas of Balanced Birth Support! This FREE community event is designed  to raise awareness of the role of the doula,  give you a unique opportunity to meet our doulas and cover a topic specific to pregnancy, labor and/or postpartum... all in a casual and convenient setting.

This event is perfect for soon-to-be mothers and their birth partners, as well as anyone hoping to learn about how a doula can support families wanting to have a memorable, safe, and empowering birth.

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  • March 28th 1:30p-2:30p: Local birthing locations - we share our knowledge of hospitals, statistics, providers and answer your specific questions.
  • May 2nd 1:30p-2:30p:Postpartum Disorders- our most popular subject; we encourage EVERYONE, pregnant or not, to attend this session. We will be joined by a postpartum expert and talk about normality, abnormality. You will leave with great resources to tap into if needed.
  • July 25th 1:30p-2:30p: Common ailments in pregnancy- we go over a few normal ailments in pregnancy and talk about common relief methods.
  • August 29th 1:30p-2:30p: Partner involvement- we go over the importance of partner involvement (partner, spouse, friend, family member etc) and give them specific tips to feel more empowered through the process.
  • October 24th 1:30p-2:30p: How to develop a birth preference sheet - we share birthing options and how to formulate your wishes on a communication sheet for your birthing team.


Event Location:
Body in Balance Center
1423 Powhatan Street Suite 7*
Alexandria, VA 22314
*Suite 7 is located on the second floor, there is an elevator for your convenience should you need it. If you have any problems getting in please contact me via text or call at 919-721-2693

There is ample street parking located at the front and the back of the building. To enter the courtyard at the front of the building –simply push the gates open.

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Join our comfort measures class directly before each meet the doulas!

Join our lead childbirth educator,  Sara Piccioni,  at 10am to learn all the tips, tricks and tools available to you for your birth. Sara talks about hands on methods, breathing techniques, partner tools, hospital tools and so much more!

*class is conveninetly held in the same room as our Meet The Doulas event!

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