It’s Black Breastfeeding Week! Resources for Black Breastfeeding Families

Every August is National Breastfeeding Month in the United States.  For the past 7 years, the last week of the month is Black Breastfeeding Week, celebrating Black breastfeeding families, as well as highlighting the challenges and barriers to breastfeeding that these families face. Visit Black Breastfeeding Week to learn more about the founders, Kimberly Seals Allers, Kiddada Green, Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka , find local events, and tons of other resources for Black breastfeeding families and those who support them.

There are many many reasons why a week focused on Black Breastfeeding is important. A lack of breastfeeding support after the baby is born combined with cultural barriers, financial, and social pressures are all real contributing factors to low breastfeeding rates in the Black community. Combined with a lack of diversity and understanding of the unique issues pertaining to Black breastfeeding mother by breastfeeding support persons such as breastfeeding group leaders and lactation consultants, there is scant real support for Black Breastfeeding mothers and families.

Still wondering why we need a Black Breastfeeding Week? Check out this article by Kimberly Seals Allers, 'Top 5 Reasons We Need A Black Breastfeeding Week.'

Print Resources

Below is a list of books written specifically for Black breastfeeding mothers and Black nursing children.  Having resources available that understand your challenges and community is extremely important for how you view breastfeeding and how successful you are in reaching your goals.  For children, picture books with characters who look like them will have a lasting influence on how they view breastfeeding.   (This list was originally complied by La Leche League- see the full article here)

 *I've included affiliate links- we get a small amount if you purchase the book from our page, but mostly the links are here for your convenience*

Books For Parents & Support People

Books For Kids

National Organizations Supporting Black Breastfeeding

Fortunately, there are more and more organizations and websites dedicated to supporting Black breastfeeding, as well as general health, pregnancy, birth, and parenting. The organizations listed below are several of the most important and powerful Black breastfeeding advocacy groups providing real support, evidenced-based educational resources, and empowering conversations.

Black Breastfeeding on Social Media

While in-person support can't be replaced, with the advent of technology online support groups and information can be found easily, and most importantly when you need it, even at 3am! The FB pages below support Black Breastfeeding, and there are many, many groups you can join that share experiences and information. The instagram accounts share beautiful empowering photographs of nursing mothers (and fathers!) and important informational graphics on Black Breastfeeding.


Black Women Do Breastfeed

Black Breastfeeding Week

Kimberly Seals Allers on FB


Follow hashtag #blackwomendobreastfeed

Black Women Do Breastfeed

Black Breastfeeding Week


Black Girls Breastfeeding Club

Black Moms Breastfeed

Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Series

Chocolate Milk: The Documentary is a production of The African American Breastfeeding Project, a multi-media initiative to normalize breastfeeding by collecting personal narratives and creating an online database of resources and groups serving African American mothers across the U.S.”

CHOCOLATE MILK a digital storytelling project

Chocolate Milk On YouTube

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