The Birth Noa

Welcome sweet Elenoa Gwendolyn Keating to the world.

A huge thanks to the amazing Heidie, birth photographer in the DMV. It is such an honor to be asked back to join a family for the birth of a subsequent baby... but this birth was a bit different. I met Avele and Mike during a Hypnobirthing class in 2015. They decided to hire me as their doula for the birth of their first baby, Pierson. His birth was long and it was hard on both Avele and Mike... but it brought us all something so special; a friendship and a partnership. Avele and I now work side by side as birth doulas and I can't imagine my life without her. When they asked me to be with them for Noa's birth I went, but not as their doula as their friend.

It was the highest honor to watch my dear friend strongly navigate her pregnancy and birth and to stand by her side through it all.

It was also so special to catch her baby with the help of the amazing Michelle Powers CNM (Nurse Midwife at Arlington Women's Center).

Avele is a beautiful person- inside and out. A beautiful mother, a beautiful wife, a beautiful friend and a beautiful person. Watch as she gently births her baby into the world...

(Disclaimer- doulas do not catch babies... I was not her doula during this birth. I was her friend)

Author: Liz Oldham

Elizabeth is an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator serving the DC metro area. She is passionate about family centered birthing, believing that families will always remember the support and communication surrounding their births. She currently lives in Virginia with her Husband 4 children and crazy dog.

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