Meet Kristen Irvin!

My passion for birth work looks a lot like my passion for food and nutrition: I’m fueled by the desire to advocate for something so fundamentally important to such a transformative time in someone’s life

Originally from Frederick County, Virginia, I’ve recently relocated to Fredericksburg to be closer to my family after nearly sixteen years of living, working and studying in North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. It feels good to be home!

I’ve come to birth work after many years of devoting my time to local food systems and sustainable agriculture advocacy. I’ve spent many years working alongside amazingly talented, hardworking family farmers, and have been (and continue to be!) inspired by them every day. Prior to food systems work, I studied Women’s and Gender Studies in college, which is where my interest in childbirth and maternity care was inspired. While in graduate school, I remember a friend telling me, “You would be a great doula!” yet I had never heard of that word before. But when I started learning that many of my friends and colleagues were hiring doulas to support them at their births, I knew I wanted to learn more and pursue a path in birth work.

I completed my DONA International birth doula training with Melissa Harley of Capital City Doulas, and it is my mission to use my background in food and nutrition to complement my services as a birth doula. Prior to my training with DONA, I completed the ‘Fourth Trimester Food’ course with Centehua Sage, and have read many books on childbirth and postpartum support. I’ll never stop reading and learning!

 I consider support for a birthing woman to be a right, not a privilege, just as I believe access to safe and healthy food should be a right for every individual and family. While I’m not a totally extreme militant lefty bra-burning feminist, I will more than happily engage in a fiery conversation about women’s reproductive justice and the need for education and awareness in communities around support for girls and women at every stage of our lives. I am so honored to be part of this work!

Birth geek / Coffee geek / Taurus (Virgo ascendant + Cancer moon) / Animal lover / Aspiring permaculturist

Believe in birth. Believe in women.