So What Exactly Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

What exactly a postpartum doula does is such a hard question to answer, because it is so uniquely tailored to our clients. All I can say is so many people enter a new parents' home, and the focus is all on the baby. Even all the doctors and lactation consultant visits in the initial months focus almost solely on the baby. The birthing person gets ONE visit at 6 weeks.  The Partner doesn't get a check in. The main thread through everything we do is that when we enter your home, we are focused on the PARENTS' wellbeing, whatever that looks like.
Sometimes, it looks like holding a baby who won't settle on their own, while the parents catch up on basic needs - sleep, shower, food, water.
Sometimes, it's screening for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Postpartum complications, or poor physical healing, and connecting them with the right resources or professionals for their situation.
Sometimes, it's constantly keeping the hospital cup full while they're on the couch cluster feeding.

Sometimes, it's teaching them how to use their pump for maximum milk output, teaching them about the settings, helping them fit themselves for the right flange, letting them in on bra hacks that can turn their nursing bra into a pumping bra.

Sometimes, it's helping them get out the door for the first time for their first postpartum walk, showing them how to wear their baby, helping them get their diaper bag together for the first pediatrician visit.
Sometimes, it's helping the Mother-In-Law know how to empower the new parents and support their choices.
Sometimes, it's sterilizing bottles, loading a dishwasher, making a sandwich or snacks so that the parents have something easy to eat,  refilling the diapers, organizing the baby clothes.
Sometimes it's sitting and holding space for someone's birth story, or just how damn hard early parenthood is.  Sometimes, it's reassuring them that everything they're experiencing is normal.
.... And a myriad of other things.
So no, we're not maids. We're not nanny's. We're not babysitters.
We're space holders.  We're listeners.  We're room readers. And we're here for you.

Balanced Birth Support's postpartum doulas are all highly trained and skilled to help nurture and support you and your family into these amazing new roles. Our ultimate job is optimize your experience with your new baby… we are here to support you!

Author: Jaely Turner

Jaely Turner was born and raised in Australia, and now lives in Centerville with her husband, two children, and 3 cats. When she’s not supporting birthing people, she’s working as a professional classical singer and yoga instructor. Outside of work, she loves to hike, bake bread, read, write, knit, and drink coffee.

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