Every service provided through Balanced Birth Support has come from a true need within our community. We have spent time listening to families and hearing what THEY need and worked diligently over the years to provide that here, in one place.

How it all began...

I stumbled upon the word "doula" as I researched how to have more support for my own birth. I was immediately captivated and ready to change my career. Shortly after I was trained and certified as a birth doula and childbirth educator and began my first business, Creating Your Calm. I was blessed to couple my business degree from East Carolina University (go Pirates!) with my passion and training as a doula to swiftly grow a thriving sole doula practice.

From the very beginning of signing all the legal business paperwork for Creating Your Calm I knew my larger, long term goals were to work closely with other doulas, help them have a sustainable career all the while providing an exceptional, personalized service to families in surrounding communities. The vision began early, with lots of day-dreaming and planning, tons of scribbles and brainstorming, way too much research for one's own good. Then the perfect moment arrived and there were too many signs to ignore; the biggest one was turning away many families because my calendar booked up fast... things began lining up too easily to say "not now!" Instead I followed the basic concept of supply and demand (also an economics major!) and Balanced Birth Support was opened!

Over the years I have worked hard to grow a business that has been committed to the community. A business that focuses on you... and a business that develops a relationship with you and your care providers. I love, love, (LOVE) this job and I am so honored to work side by side with others who feel the same. This passion and joy is felt by every single family we work with.

We are a group of birth doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, sleep specialist, newborn care specialist and placenta specialist committed to providing exceptional, professional, compassionate, unbiased and balanced support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The people working with Balanced Birth Support are trained, skilled, professionals who are prepared to support your family in every aspect of birth. We are friends, we enjoy one another and we love working together to benefit our community.

We have a huge passion for family centered birthing. Balanced Birth Support believes that the key to a positive experience during these life changing events is having the tools to make informed and educated decisions coupled with wonderful, excellent support. We collectively, pride ourselves on being supportive, empathetic and non-judgmental when it comes to working with families during their own journey towards and through parenthood.

As birth professionals serving Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and New Hampshire, we have experience and are very familiar and comfortable working with many different Obstetricians and Midwives and have attended births at the majority of local hospitals such as George Washington University Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, Virginia Hospital Center, Ft. Belvoir, INOVA Alexandria, INOVA Fairfax, INOVA Fair Oaks, Loudoun, Sibley, Prince William Hospital, REX, UNC Womens Center, Wake Med, Durham Regional, Central Carolina Hospital and many more. We also have experience with birth center births and are comfortable in home birth settings.

Bottom line goals for Balanced Birth Support...

To help families fully understand their birthing options to know they have choices.
To help families find their voices and know when and how to advocate for their needs.
To support families during their birthing journey regardless of how their birth unfolds.
To reach more birthing families in the United States and provide them with exceptional services.
To provide professional, quality and continuous support throughout pregnancy and birth.

Want to know a bit more about me?

I am a totally real person... I have very simple needs, but am completely and utterly complex! I am very happily married to my best friend and together we have four wonderful children that keep us very busy! Rosser is full of questions and wonder and always keeps me on my toes. I am amazed at his ability and desire to learn! Mason is full of laughter and joy. He was born in the water with a smile on his face that seems to never fade.

Izabel has multiplied the love we all have for one another. She is spunky and beautiful and no doubt will be a little red headed spitfire! Piper… our baby (but not really a baby anymore!); what a gift she has been to all of us. I am so very blessed with happy, healthy children and a wonderful family. I appreciate every single day, hour, minute, second I have with them. I tickle, I laugh, I hug, I kiss.

I love with every single bone in my body.

We’ve all been waiting for you. For you. Your arrival has been marked, has been recorded on earth, in the universe, in the galaxies, in all of space, in all of time. You come with a birthright, written in love and sung through all Creation in words which promise that no matter where you’re at, you’re home; that no matter who you’re with, you’re welcome; that no matter who you are, you’re loved. Welcome. Rita Ramsey