Virtual Two- Day Group Comprehensive Class

**** Due to COVID-19 and compliance with social distancing all classes are currently held in a virtual setting. ***

“I just wanted to let you know how great, interesting and informative your course was! Matt and I had the feel the classes passed so fast and could have continued listening to you.”

During the intensive comprehensive child birth preparation course you will learn how to diminish fears surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth and early parenting. We discuss the natural physiological process of labor and birth, giving you the confidence and understanding to work with your body during birth. Birth partners are given specific tools that enable them to provide comfort and support while empowering them to maintain a calm but active role in the birth. We cover ways to navigate through unexpected turns of events using evidence based information and informed decision making.  Feeding, postpartum care and newborn care are discussed to give you and your family the most comfortable transition into your new life.

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You will learn:

  • History of birth
  • Anatomy of birthing body
  • Mind/body connection
  • Nutrition/fitness
  • Proper positioning
  • Understanding your due date
  • Three stages of labor
  • Signs of progression
  • Variations of labor and birth
  • Interpreting sensations
  • Natural comfort measures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Positions comfort
  • Partner involvement
  • Touch for comfort
  • Informed decision making
  • Birth planning
  • Communication tools
  • So much more!

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Class Schedule 2021

  • November 13 & 14 Saturday & Sunday 9am-12:30pm
  • December 4 & 5 Saturday & Sunday 9am-12:30pm

Class Schedule 2022 Saturday & Sunday 8:00am-11:30am

  • January 15th-16th
  • February 5th-6th
  • March 12th-13th
  • April 16th-17th
  • May 14th -15th
  • June 4th-5th
  • July 9th-10th
  • August 6th-7th
  • September 24th-25th
  • October 1st-2nd
  • November 12th-13th
  • December 3rd-4th
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“The one-day birthing workshop was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone having a baby. There’s so much I didn’t know! Sara is knowledgeable, caring, and funny – we loved her and knew we found our Doula too. She offers unbiased information about what to expect at every stage of labor, and helped us to understand all of our options along the way. We now feel empowered to make informed choices that are right for us. Thank you!”A very empowered family
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