"She was my anchor and was there when midwives and nurses changed; She was there for our entire journey. She was calm, reassuring and patient"

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Voted by Expertise "Best Doulas in Washington DC 2017"

"Balanced Birth Support is a professional doula business in Alexandria DC that provides a wide variety of top-notch childbirth support services at reasonable rates. Their services include breastfeeding consultations, childbirth workshops, birth doula support, placenta services, and postpartum doula services to name only some. Customers have consistently praised the business for their high-quality services and friendly doulas." ~ Expertise

Drea birth doula northern virginia

"Ashley was amazing during the birth of my daughter. Mary was phenomenal as my post partum doula. Both of these women are so talented and skilled in their craft. They helped my family and I so much!"

"Liz was always there through a challenging and long labor. I did not think she could or would stay through everything but she was always there for me. She was my anchor and was there when midwives and nurses changed; she was there for our entire journey. She was calm, reassuring and patient. She did everything from being sure I ate and drank to helping me to the bathroom to talking me through surges. I looked to her for strength and she helped me re-center and move forward. I am so grateful to her."

"Having Avela as a doula at my birth was an amazing experience. She has such an incredible kindness about her yet her skill in providing labor support was spot on at every stage of labor. Additionally, she is incredibly talented with a camera. Unbeknownst to me, while I was laboring, Avela took beautiful photos which were presented to me postpartum in the most sweet and thoughtful way. I don't know how my labor would've turned out without her; but I do attribute my success for VBAC to Avela presence. I highly recommend Avela as a doula and would be happy to provide a reference for any parents considering her services."

"We could not be happier with our experience with Liz as our doula. We met at her {childbirth} class and knew immediately that her energy, positive attitude, experience and approach to labor and delivery was exactly what we were looking for during the birth of our first child. She met with us for a prenatal meeting, was available for consultations leading up to the birth – and ultimately ended up being there for dayS (plural) while I labored. Liz shares her in-depth knowledge from extensive training AND her personal experience as a mom of four – all without judgement. She respects your individual birth preference and creates a comfortable space for you and your partner to create the birth experience you want."

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"Our doula was great during the birth process and helped me to prepare my mind and body. She worked with me weekly to relax my body and to have the right mindset for my birth. Thank you!!"

experienced postpartum doula northern virginia washington dc

"Avele was wonderful! Before the birth she was readily available at all times to answer questions and make suggestions to make me more comfortable.  I had a very fast birth and she made it to the hospital in time and gave me a sense of peace and calm during and after the birth.  She took some AMAZING pictures just after my baby was born- several of which we had framed and hung on the wall.  She made sure that I had everything I needed once everything had calmed down and the hospital room emptied out. She ordered me food and brought me water and other snacks! She checked in on me for several days after the birth and once we were home.  During the postpartum visit she surprised me by bringing one of my favorite foods and even took some newborn pictures of my son!  Avele projects a sense of peace and calm and I feel very lucky to have had her as my doula.  I would highly recommend her!!"

"I just wanted to write to tell you that Nancy McMillan is an amazing person. I am so glad she ended up being my support person last minute. She provided the advice I needed to make the best choice when I was wavering on several decisions (I wasn't mentally prepared for my water to break before I went into labor). She was AMAZING when she got to the hospital. Everyone in the room listened to her when she spoke. Her professional background and her personable demeanor made the staff take notice. I saw the mood of the room shift for better when she entered. She took charge as my support person and made sure my birth plan was adhered to. She went above and beyond: called my husband to tell him our baby was born, ordering food and drink for me, helped me go to the bathroom and stayed well beyond the typical post birth support time... She did everything and made it so easy for me to just soak in my new born son. I was a bit stressed when I first arrived in labor and delivery but she made the rest of my birthing day journey very pleasant. She is clearly well educated and experienced and wants to help people. I am glad she ended up being my doula on my birthing day."

expereinced postpartum doula northern virginia washington dc

Hi Mary,
I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your support before, during and after my delivery through your doula services. Although I met you only a few days before my son decided to arrive early, you made me feel very comfortable. You were kind and nurturing throughout the whole process. My family was very pleased and spoke highly of you and the support strategies you provided me. Everything we spoke about prior to delivery manifested through actions, and it is clear that you are experienced and enjoy the services that you provide. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a doula and definitely will use you again if I plan on adding to my family tree. Thanks again, your the best. ~Jennifer

"Thanks for your support and help through this process. Class and our learning proved to make the difference – we had the delivery we wanted, even after a long labor, Liz was so centered, focused and the techniques we learned helped us both work with each other to birth our daughter. We also both loved the midwives experience and are thrilled we made the late switch to this hospital and team of care. I can’t thank you enough for your insight on this process and our previous route of care this fall when we talked. Thank you!"

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc
expereinced birth douladurham, chapel hill, Raleigh North Carolina

"Also being there in our home to reassure my husband that what I was going through was normal kept him from a lot of unnecessary worry."

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"Liz is extremely passionate about her job and I can’t say enough good things about our experience with her. From the beginning, I felt like I was in good hands! I look back on my VBAC with a lot of fondness, and I believe that having such a positive laboring experience with Liz’s help set me up for a great recovery and happy times with my newborn (. . .even despite the sleepless nights!). I would definitely recommend her."

"Later, while I was in the birthing tub, she knew to give me cold washcloths to prevent me from over heating in the very warm water. That made all the difference. Also the verbal encouragement really helped to calm and encourage me during the final phases of labor."

"Liz is a wonderful, patient, calm Doula and Hypnobirthing coach. You couldn’t ask for better qualities when you’re going through this fantastic journey!"

"The one-day birthing workshop was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone having a baby. There’s so much I didn’t know! Liz is knowledgeable, caring, and funny – we loved her and knew we found our Doula too. She offers unbiased information about what to expect at every stage of labor, and helped us to understand all of our options along the way. We now feel empowered to make informed choices that are right for us. Thank you!"

"I was very happy with choosing Liz as our Doula. Although our birth was not as picture-esque as the movies we watched in class, I think the Hypnobirthing techniques she taught combined with her presence helped my labor go smoothly, quickly and complication free. Thanks, Liz!!! xoxo"

"Ashley was instrumental in building my confidence during my pregnancy so that I felt prepared going into my birth experience. She was encouraging and supportive of a healthy and active lifestyle right up until I delivered. Prior to delivery, Ashley was diligent in finding out exactly how I hoped my birth experience would go, and what my husband and I anticipated her role to be."

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"Liz was with us at our home and helped us determine exactly when we needed to go to the birth center. My labor progressed much more quickly than I was prepared for, so if not for her I may have given birth at home."

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dcexpereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"I highly recommend Elizabeth as a doula! After our first prenatal meeting, my husband and I both noted what a calming presence she had about her. The emotional support she provided both of us during labor and birth, and even postnatally, was invaluable. She was always positive and reassuring. She was very easy to get in touch with, and toward the end was available around the clock. I sent her many text messages with questions during the last couple weeks and she always responded within minutes. It was like having a good friend available for advice and reassurance that you knew without a doubt that you could count on for one of the most important days of your life."

"Drea was incredibly reassuring, supportive and strong during my labor. She knew exactly the right way to keep me comforted and help me relax during contractions, either through reassuring touch, verbal affirmation or holding ice packs on my neck and face. She also made sure that any of my other needs were met, for example by making sure that I didn't want anything to snack on or drink. Despite anything else going on in the labor and delivery hospital room or in my home where she met me during early labor, I was always Drea's first concern.

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"After I gave birth, my daughter had to be taken to the NICU due to complications and my husband went with her. Because I had a healthy pregnancy, I never considered the possibility that I might not be with my new family after labor. Drea was invaluable during this time because she stayed with me and provided support until I was able to go see my new daughter. She also insisted on bringing all of my belongings from my labor and delivery room to my postpartum room so that my husband and I didn't have anything to worry about when we were able to move to postpartum recovery.

Drea was such a wonderful addition to my labor, and I can't imagine the experience without her."

"Ashley empowered my husband and I to advocate for ourselves as we faced difficult decisions surrounding the birth of our baby boy. We honestly didn't know how a doula would play into our birth experience and were beyond pleasantly surprised at how essential she was during the final stages of labor. She empowered my husband to be an active participant in the birth of this child (something new to us despite this being our 3rd baby!) in addition to bringing exceptional skills to help me embrace the sensations of this experience."

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc
expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"I also liked the feeling of having someone there for my husband. I think it took the stress/pressure off of him as this was our first laboring experience as well. As much as you read in books, etc., it’s a lot to digest and sometimes only makes things more confusing! Having a person there for the emotional support who really believes in what you are trying to do made me feel great. I could really feel her joy when I had my baby All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I don’t think I could have asked for more."

"Ashley was proactive in finding out what we wanted from her as a doula, and how we saw our birth going, but without ever overstepping. I highly recommend Ashley's doula services. She continues to educate herself on all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and if you invite her into your pregnancy, she will support you entirely to achieve the birth experience you want, in a professional but personable and compassionate manner. When interviewing doulas before deciding Ashley was the right person for us, my husband and I kept in mind that to our doula, we would be one of many births, but to us, our doula is a one and only. We could not have made a better choice in asking Ashley to be there for the birth of our son."

expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc
expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc
expereinced birth doula northern virginia washington dc

"Working with a doula empowered me to be more connected and present for the birth of our child while engaging my husband in a way he has never before been able to engage with the birth of one of our children. Our doula was the epitome of professional and personal, from staying in constant communication with us to working alongside our hospital birthing team fluidly. We were so impressed! We were beyond thrilled with the experience and will come back looking for Ashley when the time is right to grow our family again!"

"She helped me overcome my doubts as to whether I could achieve the unmedicated labor I had desired (though I questioned it several times!). Not only did she support me, but she also supported my husband and helped him in his desire to be a very active participant in the birth of our son. She was a great advocate for me and an amazing birth coach. I am truly grateful for Liz’s friendship, support and reassurance. It is because of her that I was able to have the labor and delivery that I had always wanted – and that is the greatest gift. Although it didn’t go exactly as I envisioned, she helped me adapt to each obstacle to achieve my ultimate goal of having an unmedicated, spiritual birth. I cannot recommend Liz highly enough!"

"Balanced Birth Support provided such a valuable experience for us in our journey and in inviting the most precious little being into this world. The course has met and even exceeded our expectations far beyond imaginable. Liz, the instructor, was such a pleasure to be around. She made my husband and I believe in ourselves from the very first class and reinforced that belief during each session. While starting out very skeptical about the course and the birthing experience in general, my husband became very supportive and understanding by the end of the course. HypnoBirthing and Creating Your Calm have changed our relationship and our lives forever adding so much deep meaning and love for each other and for our baby."

"Mid-pregnancy, our doctor diagnosed our baby as “IUGR” and I called Liz right away since I was confused and needed an expert to help me process the information. Liz patiently listened and then offered her insight and experiences which ultimately calmed my nerves. Afterward, she provided me with articles to read about IUGR and a list of suggested questions for me to ask the doctor. Moreover, since our baby was breech (although we attempted to turn her via acupuncture and Liz’s suggested ‘Spinning Babies’ techniques, she just wouldn’t budge!) we needed to deliver via Cesarean Section. Liz came to the rescue and armed me with positive C-Section birthing stories and suggested that we create a birthing plan to make the experience as natural as possible. Due to the preparation we did through Liz, our C-Section delivery ended up being a positive experience and we welcomed a healthy baby girl on 9/6/16. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking to hire a doula since she provides tailored services to suite all her families’ needs."

"Balanced Birth Support connected me with Eliza, who was my doula for my the birth of my first child. During our first meeting, we created a birth plan together, which was reassuring and helped me feel more prepared for my first child. She stayed in regular contact with me during my last 8 weeks of pregnancy and shared suggestions that made me more comfortable at the end. On the day of my delivery, Eliza was constantly working to make sure that I was comfortable, provide appropriate positions (which at several points I know moved my baby along), and had a great rapport with the medical team. She was a very calm and warm presence during a stressful day. If you are uncertain about working with a doula, note that my husband was initially skeptical but is now proudly "Team Doula." Also, I didn't realize how little time nurses spend with the laboring patient so Eliza was critical for keeping an eye on where I was in labor and providing appropriate next steps. You won't regret working with Eliza and BBS!"

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UNC Women's Birthing Center

She is the kind of professional who pays attention to details, such as when first speaking with you and in truly taking into account the particulars associated with respecting ideas, providing suggestions, giving encouragement, and of course, in answering the many pregnancy-related questions that arise in such a momentous occasion of a person's life

...Mary was another Godsend and a very strong person, incredibly kind, and has a great sense of humor (laughing during labor is actually a good thing :).