Birthing at George Washington University


The Women’s Center at The George Washington Hospital has the lowest c-section and episiotomy rates of all of the local hospitals and with access to wireless monitors, birth balls, birthing tubs, and lactation consultants, it is one of the most baby and natural birth friendly hospitals in the DMV.
Both doctors and midwives will support your birth in whatever position feels right to you, and they also support many VBACs. It is also one of the few hospitals in the whole country that will attempt vaginal breech births.

There is a Level III NICU located on the same floor as labor and delivery, with breast pumps at each NICU bed and a separate pumping room.
The center owes much of its success to the unique collaboration and respect between the obstetricians and the midwives.


The George Washington University Hospital is located at 900 23rd St, Washington D.C. 20037.

It is conveniently located in downtown Washington, D.C. right next to the Foggy Bottom metro station and is along major WMATA bus lines. There is metered (and some free) parking around the hospital, but be sure to read the signs for days, times, and fees.
A garage is located at GW University Science and Engineering Hall Garage at 800 22nd Street, NW. (Entrance is West of 22nd Street on H Street).

The weekday daily maximum is $22, and the weekend daily maximum is $12. Valet parking is available for $25/day.

If you are in labor: Drive to the front entrance (little half circle drive near main entrance). If valet is there they will park your car, if they are not there… leave your care there until you have a moment to move it.

Labor & Delivery is located on the 3rd Floor. ID & Wristband required for entry (which you will need to obtain when you enter the hospital). After hours (9pm-6am) entrance is through the Emergency Room entrance (towards the back of the hospital near the ambulance bay)

Visiting hours are 8:30am-10pm with no restrictions in labor and delivery (visiting hours do apply to postpartum)


GWUH has a large cafeteria with many options. Sushi, grill, subway, sandwiches, soup & salad bar.

Starbucks, also in the hospital, is open 24/7

GWUH is surrounding by many great restaurants in walking distance; Whole Foods, Sweet Greens, Burger Tap & Shake, Circa, Beef Steak, District Commons... many more!


After hours (9pm-6am) entrance is through the Emergency Room entrance

Visiting hours are 8:30am-10pm with no restrictions in labor and delivery.

Amenities & Features for Birth/Postpartum

Private labor & delivery rooms- All rooms are spacious, with showers.
Tubs available in 4 rooms- First come first serve
Ample birth balls
Ample peanut balls

Birth stool available
Kitchen- stocked with snacks and beverages. Ice, microwave and refrigerator. Your food can go in, but it needs to be labeled. Ask your nurse for a food label.
Private postpartum rooms– sleep chair for partner. Option of upgrading the size of the room. Talk to your nurse after your baby is born.
Water birth supported by midwives and doctors.

GWHU is very welcoming to birth doulas; they may be asked to sign an agreement with the hospital to stay within scope of practice.

Other Information

Placenta Removal- You can keep your placenta but you must have a negative hepatitis c test done during your third trimester. Your placenta can not be transferred to the postpartum room so be sure to make arrangements for it to leave within 2 hours after the baby is born.

Level III NICU, also on the 3rd floor

Discharge- 24-48 hours after a normal vaginal delivery with no complications.
72 hours after a cesarean birth

Key Statistics

Information on c-section and episiotomy rates, occupancy, and other important information

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