Staying Cool In The Summer Months While Pregnant

Pregnant during the summertime? If you’re anything like I was, you may be feeling extra.. ✨glowy.✨ With sweat. It’s hot.

The hormonal rushes that surge throughout the pregnancy experience are enough to have you going to sit in dressing rooms in target to strip naked and cool down (surely that couldn’t have just been me?) but then you add SUMMER HEAT?! Glowing, alright. 😉

Here’s some ways to stay cool & comfortable in the summer; whether you’re in the first trimester or the homestretch.


1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

The most common tune throughout pregnancy: hydration. But for real, adequate hydration is your friend. Fortunately, there’s so many great ways to get our daily water intake in! From good ole fashioned water, fruit infused waters, herbal teas, smoothies & juices, and more. Adding additional bonuses from things like coconut water that provides a boost of electrolytes and minerals.

2. Free The Bump

Light, breathable clothing during these months will be sure to keep you feeling the breeze. Loose cotton material will ensure you stay comfortable. Also, the best part about summer is that a bathing suit is always an outfit. 😉

3.”Royal Treatment”

As if you needed another reason to allow yourself to be spoiled (you’re welcoming a human! you deserve it!!), bask in a little bit of luxurious royal treatment. When indulging in the outdoors, find the shadiest spot to rest. Keeping a hand or small battery-powered fan handy (bonus points if your loved ones fan you 😛 ) & indulge in big floppy hat & sunglasses season! (Don’t forget your SPF!)

4. Cooling Breathwork

The body is navigating a lot! To combat the heat, try pranayama(breath) techniques to cool the body and promote a regulated temperature. My favorite cooling breath work is Sitali Pranayama, read more about it here. Though, I do recommend cutting in half what they suggest to keep it pregnancy-friendly. Furthermore, natural rhythmic breathing is just as sufficient. When it gets too warm, check in with the breath. Taking full, deep belly inhales, and exhale by gently parting the lips. Sitting for a few moments with the breath will help the body return to it’s natural resting state.

5. Make Space For Rest


Rest.Is.Sacred. Undoubtedly, you deserve it. Intentionally allow things to slow during the summer months where they can so that you can move a little slower through life. Kick your feet up more, soak more, just simply be. Soak in things that make you feel good, and light in the body and spirit.




Author: Miranda Franck

Miranda she strives to create a safe harbor for all as the Director of Equity and Inclusion. Equality, diversity, and inclusion take up massive important space in the birth world— and ensuring it reaches ALL. Goal oriented, she strives to continually further her awareness by taking multiple trainings on inclusion, trauma, social justice, & more. Miranda is also a seasoned doula working with families all across the DMV

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