Get To Know Jennifer Wood

It doesn't matter if it is the first birth or you 5th, every woman should feel supported, safe, and empowered before, during and after her birth.

Jennifer has been supporting pregnant and birthing people since 2011, first as a massage therapist and then as a doula. As her knowledge grew, so did her passion.  She began working as a birth doula in 2013, a birth assistant in 2016, and a postpartum doula in 2018. Training and certifications include fertility massage, prenatal & postpartum massage, spinning babies, full spectrum doula, loss doula, herbalism and aromatherapy. In 2021, Jennifer became a Registered Nurse and has a position on a perinatal unit. 

Her educational background gives her a knowledge base that has emphasis on the physiology of birth, and the impact that body alignment and fetal position have on labor and birth.  She brings a wealth of holistic knowledge to the table, and has experience supporting birthing people in a variety of situations and environments. 

As a postpartum doula, Jennifer has experience with postpartum pre-eclampsia, multiples, and infants with RSV.  Additional experience includes a 3 hour DONA approved workshop on breastfeeding for birthworkers, cupfeeding and syringe feeding newborns, and supporting parents who choose to formula feed. 

Birth is an amazing, powerful, yet vulnerable experience, and Jennifer feels her role as a doula is to meet the client where they are at, connect with them there, and educate, empower and facilitate in whatever way is necessary.