Meet Brittney

Since I was a child I have always loved babies and being a helper. At a young age I was caring for cousins and siblings like they were my own.

I have fond memories of being 10 years old, walking the rooms of our house, swaying with my baby brother so I could snuggle him and allow my mother to sleep. Later, when I was 18, I went to a close friends birth, where she delivered her baby at home in their jacuzzi tub. She worked hard and brought her beautiful daughter into the world. I knew I wanted to birth my future children in a similar way. As I embarked on my young adult life, I found a job I loved at an assisted living facility where I cared for the elderly and occasionally worked in the Alzheimer’s building. I loved the sometimes challenging task of feeding, bathing, dressing, and reassuring those I cared for. They taught me humility, love, and respect.

When my Air Force man whisked me away to Oklahoma, I continued in that field by training to be a certified nurse aide/home health aide. I could have chosen to work in a facility, but I felt it was better to help others stay in their homes and be in their own environment. I loved what I did, felt it was important work, yet something was missing. At the sweet age of 21, I welcomed my first baby. A spirited little man who never loses his energy or fire. I chose to birth naturally in a hospital with my husband and doula (a fantastic friend) by my side. Her gift to me was not only helping me feel empowered, but sparking my passion for helping other mothers feel educated, empowered and respected. Since then I have trained to be a birth doula, hypno doula, certified lactation counselor and birth assistant. I’ve helped families welcome their precious babies, birthed two more of my own at home, encouraged mothers to nourish their babies in the best way they can and have LOVED serving families in all the ways they have needed me to.

From big sister, to resident care associate, to nurse aide, to mother, to birth/hypno doula and lactation counselor. My journey has always included something: A strong desire to care for, love on, and uplift others.

I am so grateful to be doing this work, and each family that invites me into their sacred birthing space holds a special place in my heart.