Meet Drea


I’m a California girl through and through, so when I moved to DC in 2006 I assumed it would only be for a year. Now, over a decade later, it has become my heart and home.

My grandma used to say, “Life always happens when you’re making plans!”, and isn’t that the truth? Living on each coast has taught me that although people may wear different clothes or carry a new accent, we all have similar needs – We all want to be loved and validated. This has led me to a place of genuine acceptance for all walks of life.

Before moving east, I owned and operated a food distribution company. I treated my customers like family, cultivating meaningful, personal relationships while providing a valued service. I credit my success to the strength of these relationships and the connections I developed. This has proven to be invaluable in working with mothers and families.

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting many families in both Northern Virginia and California. Being from a large family myself, I was serving in the role of “Resident Postpartum Doula” long before I was aware that it was my calling! Because of this, I bring a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to my work with babies and their amazing mamas.

The births of my two children are what originally sparked my desire to become a doula. Although I anticipated my son’s arrival to be a calm and ethereal experience, I wound up having an emergency cesarean. We were all healthy, but shaken – Again, life stepping in! In spite of this curve ball, I committed myself to attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my daughter. I worked closely with my doctor and, thankfully, I was able to achieve my goal. Only after the fact did I appreciate how special this was. I’m grateful for the contrast between my own births, which strengthens my ability to support laboring moms, regardless of the method of delivery.

I feel so honored to be witness to the sacred moment when a woman becomes a mother. By strengthening that early bond and empowering a new mama’s confidence with her baby, I’ve done my job.

Loves: The ocean. Hiking, concerts, bonfires and singing in the car. Babies and mamas. Friends that are like family. Being one in a crowd of thousands. Pursuing things that scare me. My sweet husband and our two incredible and inspiring kiddos.

"Women are well equipped, just as they are, to enter into motherhood. I’m genuinely fulfilled, helping them to hear and follow their natural instincts throughout their birth and postpartum journey."