Meet Heather!

I am immensely passionate about helping new parents adjust to life and prioritize self care and healing after bringing new life into the world. I fell into the role before I knew what a doula was.

When I was 14 I spent my summer watching TLC baby stories and learned all about how they grow and develop in the womb. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more. When I was 19 I had already been an aunt for 14 years, but my other sister had her first baby and I finally had experience first hand. I learned how to care for a newborn, and continue to learn as she and my subsequent nieces and nephews grow. It’s been a fun journey watching them grow, I am currently an aunt to 7 and my brother is hoping to adopt some more! Many of my friends have had babies as well and I have always naturally filled the role of a doula for them.

I grew up dancing ballet and modern. I went to George Mason University and got a degree in Art & Visual Technology, focusing on photography, and minoring in Dance. In my final year I decided I’d pursue newborn photography. I started a business when I graduated and have been specializing in newborn photography since 2013. However, I wanted to connect with new moms on a deeper level. 

In 2016 I began training to become a doula. I got certified as a birth doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator. Birth is what got me into the field, but after supporting about 8 births I realized that scheduling with photography wasn’t going to work. Since postpartum is the role I have naturally filled since I was 19, I decided to focus on postpartum support. Today I am actively working as a postpartum doula and photographer.

My tranquil and compassionate energy provides a supportive presence during the postpartum recovery period. I aim to provide knowledge and support to assist each family in making choices that every new family faces. I continue to develop my skills in providing individualized care specific to each and every family’s unique needs. My innate passion for childbirth has lead me on an incredible journey to supporting and guiding women and families during and after the most powerful transition of their lives.

I live in Northern Virginia with my cat. I rescued him, he rescued me, and I named him Phoenix. I spend a lot of time practicing yoga and adventuring in nature. My favorite things in the entire world are laughing and dancing. 

“I think it is vital for women to have support through the labor and birthing process, and I don’t think it should stop there. The postpartum period is an incredibly special time and I believe it should be spent healing and bonding.”