Meet Marina!

I spent the first eight years of my life in Guam where I grew up playing in the ocean and in the boonies, always imagining grand adventures for myself.

After high school I went to college with little understanding of what I wanted to do or be. The birth of my first child led me to drop out of college and find my calling through my experience as a mother. I had no idea how challenging, despite all of its greatness, birthing and caring for a baby could be, so I set out to be the person I wish I would have had by my side to guide and encourage me. Throughout my career as a seasoned doula I have had the opportunity to serve so many different types of families, each with their own unique needs and desires. I learn something new from each birth, not just about birthing, babies, and breastfeeding, but about humanity, which has been so deeply fulfilling.

After the birth of my second child, a much more empowering and supported birth, my family and I spent a year in Colorado which renewed my sense of adventure and outdoor spirit, and led me to become an avid hiker and outdoors enthusiast. Despite the grand appeal of the Rocky Mountains, I found that life is better with the support of family, friends, and a strong birth community so I’ve moved back to the DC area with my sense of adventure still very much intact.

As your doula my goal is to assist you emotionally as well as physically throughout this wonderful and powerful time in your life. I hope to help you and your partner feel confident and secure in your choices before, during, and after the birth of your child. I especially encourage open communication between a woman, her partner, and her care provider. All women are entitled to seek the birth that feels right for them.  I also support all kinds of childbirth preparation methods including, but not limited to, the Bradley Method, Birth Boot Camp, Birthing From Within, Lamaze, many local childbirth classes, Hypnobirthing, and, as a former instructor, I specializing in supporting Hypnobabies families.

For a woman to experience the best birth possible I believe it is important for her to be in a place where she feels safe and comfortable, therefore I support and have experience with both in and out of hospital births all over the DMV area as well as a vast array of variations of childbirth that can happen in those settings.

I am a doula because it is an amazing privilege to spend my life helping other women; because I believe birth is simply incredible; because I myself could have used the support of a doula during the birth of my first born.

When I am not attending births I spend my time hiking, keeping up with school work (yup, I’m back in college with the goal of becoming a nurse!), visiting my family around the country, listening to music, laughing, rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, attempting to improve at playing the guitar, wondering what I’ll have for dessert, enjoying the support and love of my community here in the DC area, and keeping up with my two truly amazing children, Dexee (7) and Cooper (2). 

My Past Trainings Include

DONA Doula Workshop

Madriella Doula Certification

VBAC Facts Workshop with Jen Kamel

Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Course

Birth Art Instructor Training

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training

Benefits of the Placenta Workshop

Breastfeeding 101 for Doulas

Cloth Diapering for Birth Workers

Neonatal Resuscitation & Transitions workshop with Karen Strange

Spinning Babies workshop with Gail Tully

Introduction to Hypnosis Self Study Course

Hypnobabies Instructor Training

Becoming Dad Training

“To venture into birth and parenting is to both lose yourself and discover yourself; It’s a process of trusting your body, your mind, your baby, and all those you’ve chosen to have around you during this fleeting, transformative time; To allow yourself to be both strong and vulnerable, empowered and nurtured. It’s a balance best achieved with love and support.”