Meet Siena Birth and Postpartum Doula

I started my doula career after the birth of my second child. After hiring my own doula and having a successful VBAC, my eyes were opened to the world of birth. Once I learned of the high maternal mortality rates, rates of postpartum depression and experiences of birth trauma, I knew that my calling was to shift the models of care here in this country. 

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I am trained as a Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and Full Circle Birth and Postpartum Doula. I began my career in 2017 within the Swedish Doula Hospital Program in Seattle. From there I was propelled towards my passion for advocacy and true informed consent. Through many hospital birth experiences I became skilled in navigating different birth scenarios and collaborating with medical staff.

Through my personal experience with my three very different birth experiences and support of my own clients, I place high importance on the deeply vulnerable and sacred rite of passage that birth and postpartum provide. This perspective allows me to connect to not only the birth of the baby, but the birth of a mother and family unit. 

I am intuitively gifted with a natural ability to connect with this aspect of my clients experience and I demonstrate this work as a calling. My philosophy on supporting birth and postpartum reflects my understanding of the anthropological roots of birth and how it connects to families birthing in modern day America. I embrace all aspects of the birth and postpartum experience, with a strong emphasis on the transformational nature being unique to each family. I emphasize building the birthing persons sense of self confidence and trusting instincts to fully experience the profound nature of the birth and postpartum experience.