A Doulas Perspective: Stephanie Recounts A Powerful Birth (and shares photos!)

My client was overdue. These things happen and we were doing everything possible to get labor moving before her induction date. Her goal was a birthing center birth. On a Saturday, the birthing center called to let her know that if she didn’t go into labor by midnight, she would have to go to the hospital. At this point she was having some contractions, but nothing consistent. She went into the birthing center at 8pm, was in active labor, and after a long night, birthed her baby at 5am. At 42 weeks exactly! 8lbs 12 oz. I am pretty sure she just willed herself into labor, but you know, women have all sorts of secret powers!

Stephanie is one of Balanced Birth Support's North Carolina birth doulas and photographers. The images in this story are hers.  Click here to read more about her and schedule an appointment!

Author: Renee Corbino

Renee keeps Balanced Birth Support organized and amazing as the Administrative Manager. She lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and two cute little boys. She is a breech birthing mama and supporter of empowering births.

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