Hi there! My name’s Miranda! I am a first time mama to my curly haired little boy, Maddox! As well as wife to my soulmate, Dwayne.

We are a military family who transplanted to the area and are so far enjoying it and looking forward to our time here! I was born (Atlanta, GA.) & raised (Jacksonville,FL.) in the south and have moved around a bit with my husband the last few years. 

One of my fondest memories thus far is from when I was 4 years old and attended my first birth; the birth of my little brother! The doctor had such profound respect for family centered birthing and really let me partake in the experience right alongside my mother. They even let me have a role and help bring him earthside. From that moment on, I was awestruck over the magical experience of birth. I was fortunate to have been able to attend births of other friends and family and be of support to them in the years following, before even learning about what a doula is.

Years later, when my husband and I were expecting our rainbow baby, I became absolutely enamored with birth and birth work. In the beginning, I feared childbirth. “HOW could I do this?!” I wondered. I am a natural researcher, so I took to that to rid my fear of the experience. “Knowledge is power.” Is one of the quotes I believe firmly in, & boy is it true! Upon learning more about the journey of bringing babies into this world, I no longer feared birth; I felt utterly thrilled at the thought and so empowered.. I felt driven to share this with others.

My own pregnancy and birth experiences even more so drove and validated that yearn to share, educate, & empower other birthing families. I had a planned birthing center turned hospital birth with a baby needing special attention in the NICU thereafter. Nothing went as planned, but fortunately thanks to my birth team (doula especially!) I felt empowered nonetheless. Throughout this chapter of my life, I learned the importance of advocacy and empowerment, especially implemented in pregnancy and birth. Like most, motherhood changed me 100%, forever. Even though my journey has been far from easy all of the time, I had never felt more inspired.

When life slowed down a bit (#momlife) I finally was able to begin following my passion and entering doula world as a student of Birth Arts International. As your doula, I aim to provide families I work with with tools to benefit from not in just this chapter of their lives, but throughout. I firmly believe in providing assistance with tools to make informed, educated decisions to best suite your families individual needs.A goal I wish to achieve with every family I work with is to provide the right measures to encourage, honor, and support you enough that you use the power you’ve had within you all along and YOU feel confident in your story, no matter what it may be. I support you and your birth, unbiased and with a judgement free heart. I will happily provide support to any and all families in need of my services. I am comfortable with various birth settings including hospital, birth centers, as well as home births.

In my spare time, I love getting lost in a good book, being one with nature, making memories with my family, blogging & doing a variety of arts and crafts. Prior to becoming a doula, I worked in the customer service industry for a multitude of years ranging from retail to freelance make up artist, in that is where I got my love of serving and being around people. Though I currently only hold the title of birth doula, as years progress I plan on diving deeper into the birth world and eventually becoming a CBE and hopefully writing books on my experience! A fun fact about me, is that I am an adrenaline junkie! I love adventure and checking things off my bucket list.

“I believe birth is beautiful in every form, as well as I believe in your ability to have a beautiful birth. There is something magical about seeing not just the birth of a new baby, but the reborn birth of a mother. All women harbor an inner warrior goddess, pregnancy and childbirth just bring it out in ways not shown to them yet before. It’s absolutely magnificent.” Miranda
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