This 4-hour fun, interactive, crash course is taught by our very own Megan Pa, RN, B.S.N, CD(DONA), AAHCC. Megan brings her personal and professional experience as a mom, registered nurse, doula & childbirth educator to leave families feeling knowledgeable about the birthing process... without the need to take weeks of classes. 

Pick your 2018: February 17th, May 26th, August 18th or November 17th

Time: 11am-3pm

Location: Family Chiropractic Center of Lake Ridge; 2080 Old Bridge Rd #201, Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Price: $175/couple

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You will learn:

I. Nutrition and Elements of a Well Balanced Diet
o Food group follow through
o Calorie intake and weight gain recommendations
o Protein and vitamin requirements
II. Tests during pregnancy and Gestational Comfort Measures
o Test options during each trimester
o Risks vs. benefits
o Common pregnancy discomforts and remedies
III. Physiological Stages of Labor
o First, second, and third stages of labor
o Emotional and physical signposts
o Exams
IV. Your Labor Toolbox
o Relaxation methods
o Education and parental responsibilities
o Support Team
o Movement and massage
V. Variations and Complications
o Breech presentation
o Assisted delivery
o C-sections
VI. Postpartum Care
o Is that alien my baby? (kidding!) ~ Newborn care procedures
o Societal expectations vs. reality
o Self-care

Much more!

“Meagan was a breath of fresh air right when we needed her! After going through a traumatic first delivery, I was looking for #2 to go much smoother. Meagan helped us by sharing natural methods of relaxation, and techniques to work through the pain. Her positive attitude and encouraging spirit inspired me to have a successful and healthy birth plan."