Partner Birth Affirmations! (Free Printable!)

Affirmations are not just for mothers! Partners and support people are so important to the birthing family, so its important to take care of them too! Birth partners can also experience fear and anxiety at the uncertainly of birth and parenting, and can sometimes let those feelings get the better of them! Partner affirmations can help birth partners stay stay calm and present during labor and birth so the entire family as a beautiful and positive experience.  Free Printable Partner …

Free Printable Birth Affirmations

The mind is a powerful thing!  Sometimes when we are fearful and anxious, repeating a calming and relaxing mantra can help work through the feelings and keep your mind (and body!) present.  Affirmations also can give a sense of control as well as remind you that you are strong and capable!  Mantras and affirmations are also essential for helping a birthing family navigate unexpected challenges. Enjoy our free, printable affirmations here… Free Printable Affirmations for Childbirth! Click To Download!