I feel so lucky that I’ve been called to dwell in the space of birth, which doesn’t feel like work at all, each and every day.

As a Hypnobabies childbirth educator, certified birth & postpartum doula, and a doula educator through DTI, I was able to leave the corporate world and transition into a busy practice supporting families through their unique transitions into pregnancy and parenthood. Individualized client care is my passion, so I strive to meet you where you are, even if it looks different than the norm. Nobody is “normal” anyway! If we were normal we’d be robots. Our human desires, interpretations and experiences are a huge part of what makes this work so interesting.

My strengths lie in delivering balanced information clearly and compassionately. I am an encourager, a comforter and a guide as you’re learning ways of stepping into your new roles.

How did I get here?
After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism, I spent 10 years as an online content creator for a cable network. It will come as no surprise that the birth of my own babies (now nearly 9 and 6) changed me. I was able to give birth on my own terms, and I wanted to share that concept with the world.

Teaching classes, attending births, and training and supporting other birth workers has been a job that has fulfilled me in ways that I never could have imagined the moment I first peed on a stick myself.

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I have experience in a variety of settings and with all types of birth, from home to hospital, precipitous (fast) and prolonged (slow) and many in between, epidurals and med-free water birth, VBAC and Cesarean, inductions and lengthier pregnancies to 42 weeks. Each family I work with brings new opportunities to trust the process and the birth giver. How this process happens can be defining for the mother and for the child and it is my honor and privilege to support these families.

When I’m not engrossed in something birth-related, I spend time with my two kids (my inspiration) and my greatest supporter – my spouse of 13 years. (We met in Athens at a bar.) We like to hike, canoe and camp whenever possible, hang out with our neighbors and watch college football, and attend services together at Sterling United Methodist Church, where I sing with the contemporary worship team. We moved to Northern Virginia a year ago from Atlanta. We miss home but we love this area, too! I recently became an aunt for the first time to my wonderful nephew, Arlo Everett!

"How this process happens can be defining for the mother and for the child and it is my honor and privilege to support these families."