Get to Know Lisa Signorile!

Being a doula has allowed me to support families and have an impact in my community. I love having the opportunity to be a member of a team that welcomes new life into the world.

For me, finding a career that aligned with my passions was not just a want, but a need. I began my career working in the fast-paced world of corporate NYC Public Relations, and quickly realized, this was not the field for me. Every single day I sat on the commuter train brainstorming.  In the notes app on my phone lived a quote I had once heard, and didn’t want to forget. I wrote it there to inspire me. It read: “figure out what you really, really want to do—life is far too short to whittle away time, we barely have enough of it to do what we want.” Below this quote is where I kept track of the things I needed out of a career and where I jotted down the things that I knew would make me happy. I was so desperately looking for answers, feeling trapped, knowing I had so much more in me to give to this world, but so unsure what exactly it was. What I did know was that I yearned for a selfless career; one where my interactions could directly serve the betterment of others, allowing me to express my authentic, big-hearted personality. I craved humanity, creativity, connection, the outdoors, and making an impact. After much consideration, I knew it was time to leave my corporate career behind.

I took the time that followed to really figure out what my next step would be. I began nannying for a local family, I spent time volunteering for a nonprofit fighting childhood cancer, I took more time to travel and explore new places, I left the U.S for the first time, and I picked up an old hobby that I had left behind – photography. Most of all, I spent this time growing as an individual while building strong and lasting relationships within my community. I decided to take a leap of faith and start building my own photography business. It allowed me to be creative and have the human connection and time in nature that I so badly craved in my corporate career. However, there was still an element missing and I could not figure out what exactly that was. As much as I loved photographing love, I wanted to give more. It wasn’t until I learned about the role of a doula that I realized what I was missing…

I owe a lot of my journey into birth work to my sweet little nephew (and my sister, of course). Before his birth, I spent 9 months loving hard on him and his mama – listening, validating, comforting, supporting, and of course taking in all of the sweet baby kicks! I felt so naturally drawn to taking on this role for her. I wanted to be a constant for her by providing her with the stability and empowerment she needed in such a vulnerable and changing time. Without even realizing, I had become her “doula.”

I had no idea how much this sweet little boy that I didn’t even know yet would change my life, not just by making me an auntie but guiding me down a path that I never knew I needed to be on, but one that now makes all the sense in the world — supporting families through pregnancy and birth as a birth doula.

Alongside my newly growing business as a lifestyle photographer, I began my journey towards becoming a certified doula through DONA International. I quickly knew that this was the missing piece in my career path. Being a doula has allowed me to support families and have an impact in my community. I love having the opportunity to be a member of a team that welcomes new life into the world. 

Serving families and supporting them through such a memorable and vulnerable time in their lives has been my greatest role yet. I pride myself on being empathetic, unconditionally supportive and open-minded. Helping families to have the birth experience that they desire is what drives my passion as a birth doula. Since I began my journey as a doula, it has been the most fulfilling, incredible and meaningful career path and each step of the way has only further confirmed that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I will be by your side through the highs and lows, unconditionally supporting your journey to welcoming your sweet little one into your arms.