Meet Ashley Janey! Birth & Postpartum Doula


My life is centered on my longing to help others. I believe being trusted with the care of a family, a mother, and baby is a gift...

I utilize all of my life and professional knowledge in supporting your inherent wisdom to give birth. I will support you in a way that allows and encourages you to achieve your goals and desires for your birth. My goal is to create a space of peace and confidence when it's time to meet your baby.

Behind the doula:

 I laugh at myself a lot! I adore dad jokes! I actually have a list in my notepad on my phone lol. Corny things bring me so much joy! I am known to be very empathetic. I can cry for someone else’s pain at the drop of a hat! Anyone who knows me will say I am the most random person/thinker. My brain is always on. I LOVE naps and dark chocolate anything!!! I’d rather be home than at an event. People tend to think I’m an extrovert, but I’m actually an introvert. I love to be silent, so much so, people sometimes think I’m upset. 

I have two female cats named Pockets and Sox. They drive me nuts. I want a third to name Bonnet or Jean Jacket, but my husband says two is enough and that will make me the cat lady - as if I care. I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks. My favorite podcasts right now are Scamfluencers, Morbid, and Afro Horror. I love gardening now, thanks to the Panorama. I actually built my own garden beds AND I tilled the ground by hand!! I will never do that last part again (ouch).

I have been an artist longer than anything. I began with designing clothes for fashion shows at my high school, and now painting. I have been featured at an art show in Athens, Greece August 2022 (I’m still fangirling!!!!), and also a digital magazine in Tibilis, Georgia September 2022. I have my B.S. in Alternative Medicine and plan to obtain my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Big helper here - can you tell? I have also been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 12 years. At one point I did have a Practice for a few years. I am a wife and mother of 4 children, ages 20, 16, and 6. I absolutely love and like my children. I am a very open, honest, and communicative parent. Sadly one of my twins died two months after birth. She is actually the reason I became a doula. Clearly, I am not shy about speaking on that. I found a new reason to help others and also heal myself. I’ve had a lot of familial losses within the past 6 years, but that’s a lot and I am healing beautifully. 🙂

Looking back on all three births of mine, I realized how traumatic they were, and how I didn’t know I had postpartum depression, let alone what it was. I thought of how I had zero information or resources to seek help. And in my last pregnancy, how I felt no one truly listened to my concerns - which sadly turned out to be the cause for concern. I remembered how their casual dismissals caused me to not trust my own instincts about MY body!! I remember after my daughter’s death in August 2017, no religious person came to the room to speak with us, nor was I even given a list of support groups. No grievance resources. Nothing but her belongings. I was so lost, indescribably sad, and so infuriated. After a few years of therapy and encouragement from said therapist, I decided to finally sign up for a doula course.

In July 2020 I chose Bini Birth. I fully enjoyed my virtual classes and the conversations I had with those women. Sometimes the most valuable knowledge can only be obtained via a simple conversation. I learned so much within those three days. I worked for two agencies based in Washington, DC my first 9 months, then I joined an agency in Maryland. My time with the three agencies, I have met a lot of beautiful families, and surprisingly gained some lifelong friends. I also have a pseudo-niece - I absolutely love her! I became a fully certified doula via Pro Doula in August 2021. I have been certified in first aid & cpr for adults/adolescents/babies for 13 years straight, and I do not panic in situations. There are lots more certificates and letters behind my name I will obtain. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. So, I am a forever student. I’ve learned I cannot be still very long. I have to keep moving forward. There’s much to do!!