Meet Denise!

I’m a postpartum doula, mother, and grandmother with a passion for healthy living and social justice.

On the birth of my first grandson,  my daughter-in-law watched me with Tatum and suggested I consider becoming a Postpartum  Doula. She prompted my research and decision to pursue a second career.  After years of managing a social justice/environmental nonprofit in Washington DC I have embraced my new life working with parents on the birth of their newborns.

 My own birth experience started with my own homebirth when my son Jonah was born with the help of midwifes and a support group of women friends. This experience set the stage for several lives well lived!  I remember vividly my own experience post birth and wondering what I was to do with this new little one? Thankfully my friends were there with support and compassion for the new me and Jonah.

Over the years, I have always loved being around infants and toddlers and have become godmother to many and ‘Granny Dee’ to two little boys.

I believe that every family can benefit from the support and encouragement offered by a DOULA during the fourth trimester. As your Postpartum Doula I look forward to working with your family  during one of the most exciting times in your  lives.   I will enter your  home with a quiet presence with a warm, nurturing and patient manner.

This is what I bring to you and your family:   My training is specific to the many changes that families experience following the birth of a baby. I will nurture your family with heart and hands and meet you where you are. When mothers are nurtured, they become better nurturers and I will provide modeling behavior, observing and offering options. I will assess the environment in a loving and patient way to assist your family. I will ask my families to tell me if I an ‘talking too much’. I will assist your family to locate  the resources and referrals to excel as new parents. And I will respect your privacy -our work together is always between us.

As a Doula I never stop learning and I look forward to working with your family at this special time in your lives.

When I am not doulaing I am active in my neighborhood as a community organizer, organic gardener, youth mentor, kayaker, walker and I never miss my  Zumba and yoga classes.

Si Se Puede! Translated to YES, you Can ! coined by Delores Huerta, Co-founder of the United Farm Workers (UFW)