Meet Dina!

I always knew I had a passion for supporting women with birth and babies, but it wasn’t until the birth of my granddaughter that I knew I wanted to become a doula.

I was mesmerized by my son and his wife throughout their pregnancy journey together. They took classes, hired a doula, and together in the same tub they welcomed their daughter earth-side. I was in awe, and I knew more women deserved something like that.

My own birth experiences differed in a lot of ways. My first ended in operative delivery mostly because I was struggling to cope with the sensations of birth, and because my husband was not a fan of natural birth to say the least. With my second and third births I chose to get epidurals, they were short labors, and I was happy overall. We didn’t even know to advocate for things like delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, or the golden hour back then. But I wish I had someone there to explain to my husband and I how important those things can be.

My husband and I moved from Florida to Maryland when our kids were 9, 6, and 3 months old. We chose to relocate because of my husbands job and to be closer to his family. Before I became a doula I ran a home daycare, which was a great way for me to manage my household and still maintain a steady income while my children were young. Now that my children are grown I love focusing on my granddaughter, spending time with my family, and supporting women and families before during and after their birth. I also enjoy spending time at the lake with my husband and our friends in the warm summers.

My whole adult life has been consumed with having children, raising them, watching them grow to have their own children, and now I want to support women like myself start their families with a positive birth experience. I am so fond of the memories I’ve made with my family but one thing I now yearn for is the memory of an empowering, supported birth. I know Ill never have the chance to make that my reality, but I can’t wait to help women feel supported in the decisions they choose for a their birth experience.

Women can do so much more than they know. Even if you aren’t sure, I believe in you and you soon will too!