Meet Janicia! Birth and Postpartum Doula Northern Virginia

Janicia C Baptiste, originally from Smithfield North Carolina, is striving to become a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula in Virginia. Janicia enjoys reading, getting to know people, traveling the world and Food, we cannot forget food! She is the eldest of 11, and recently as of March 2022 She has been honored to claim the title of auntie! Janicia has always loved children, from feeding them to playing games with them. Janicia is always in a state of pure bliss when watching little ones grow into the people they were intended to be.

Her Doula Journey began in January 2022. Janicia has completed Birth, Postpartum, and Lactation organized DONA approved workshops in the state of Virginia. Previously Janicia has held a Certified Nursing Assistance License in the states of North Carolina and Virginia, being a certified assistant for 8+ years. During the process of donating eggs to families that were trying to start a family of their own Janicia thought to herself “How could I be of more support to those who are going through the process of bringing life into the world”. She has desired to work with children and families ever since she could remember. Janicia instantly fell in love with the concept of what it means to be a doula. It’s Janicia, being a doula described her in every way, just with a career title attached to it.  Janicia loves to embark on new experiences, knowledge, caring for others and the building of relationships. She feels that being a doula opens doors to doing those very things.

Janicia strives to be of great service to upcoming family partnerships. She is so excited to educate, support, and become an asset to future partnerships. Ensuring that every individual has everything that they need to be the best version of themselves before, during, and after the process of birth. Janicia believes that is the most important aspect of what it means to be a doula.