Meet Katelynn Birth Doula DMV


My mission as a birth doula is to support and empower families. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are deeply personal. My approach is to meet you where you are, and help your family from there. I hope to offer you the kind of support- whether that is physical, educational, or emotional- that will allow your birth story to unfold safely and confidently. I intend to care for you personally as you journey through one of the most transformative moments in your life.

I completed my DONA doula training course in June 2023, and continue to develop my skills as a doula. I am currently a Labor Support Volunteer at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. Working at VHC, I have been able to implement my practices from doula training and collaborate with many families and staff members. It has given me great insight into how hospitals approach labor and delivery. I seek to use that insight to help my clients make choices in their best interest and to help achieve their desired birth. Additionally, I have held prenatal workshops for expectant parents that vary to meet their needs, whether it be writing out birth wishes, reviewing pain management strategies, or planning for postpartum.

My interest and knowledge of pregnancy and birth dates back to when I discovered I was pregnant with my first son. While I felt the anticipation and excitement for my growing family, I also realized there was a lot to consider when it came to my body, my baby, and my birth. I desired to educate myself and arm myself with research. I was committed to making my own informed decisions and preparing my mind and body for birth in a way that would best suit me.

Throughout my own journey, I came across the concept of a birth doula and immediately knew it was someone I wanted to include. When my partner and I met the right doula for us, I felt relieved knowing there would be another person to champion and support me. We realized that by bringing in a person that we could trust and who would use a thoughtful approach to support us, we were able to have a positive and enjoyable birth and postpartum experience. By having a doula at both of my births, I was able to feel empowered, prepared, and confident. After the birth of both of my sons, I realized I had to follow this ache in my heart to make birth work a more permanent part of my life.



In addition to being a birth doula, I am an elementary school teacher. I have been teaching for twelve years now and have also spent many years as a fitness instructor. My career as a teacher and as a birth doula truly align my commitment to lifelong learning, community, and wellness. When I am not in the classroom teaching or providing birth support, I have two boys and a husband at home that keep me very busy! On the weekends, I can usually be found on the W&OD trail with my double stroller or working on pancake designs for my toddlers. I like to visit with my extended family that is sprinkled around the US, and have many fond memories of traveling with my partner before we had children. I love getting to know new people and visiting new places. I have a high tolerance for spicy food and enjoy word puzzles. I was born in Southern California and raised locally in Northern Virginia.

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