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I believe that birth can and should be a deeply empowering experience…

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I entered birth work in 2017, out of a conviction in the need for community, ritual, and demystification of the female body. That conviction grew through my training, as I saw the lack of equitable and gender affirming services, and the ways in which I, as a queer disabled person, could be a small part of bridging the gaps in the medical system, and mainstream pregnancy and birth culture. As soon as started on the path to becoming a doula, I knew I felt called to the work.

Birth can be such a joyous and empowering experience! It can teach birthing people their own strength and advance their sense of self, and the birth process itself is absolutely wild and miraculous. Birth can also be scary. It can be uncertain, changeable and go in directions that you wanted to avoid. For those with a history of trauma, it can be triggering. My job is to be there with you through it all – to arm you with knowledge, to celebrate with you, and to help you and your support system to be strong advocates for you and your baby. You deserve loving and informed care regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, body, history, culture, class, ability, and any other facet of your unique and intersectional identity.

No matter who you are, or what your desires for your birth experience, It is my honor and absolute joy to be a part of such a momentous part of your life, and I strive to work with you, equip you with knowledge and information, lift you up without judgement, and help to make your birth experience all it can be.