Meet Rachell Birth and Postpartum Doula NOVA DC Metro

Rachell is a full spectrum doula/student midwife/lactation counselor here for all of your birth and postpartum needs.
Formally trained in 2017, Rachell was originally a nanny turned infant toddler teacher.  After receiving her 90 hr preschool teacher certificate she specialized in the 45 hr infant toddler teacher certificate and worked her way up the ladder to eventually being a early childhood center director of 70+ children.
Rachell birth and postpartum doula northern va dc metro

After her own children aged out of the childcare system she decided to complete her dream of working with mothers and infants and became a full time doula specializing in preemies and multiples since she was also a former EMT and NST and trained in the Newborn Resuscitation Program.
Now after years of supporting mothers in birth she is finally finishing her ultimate dream of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife under the National Association of Registered Midwives while completing her training and working as a birth assistant for home births