Meet Samantha – Birth and Postpartum Doula Virginia and DC

Experiencing a traumatic birth of my own, I decided to learn about births. Started to work my way up the chain in the medical field. Until, one day on social media a young lady was asking to support a mom as her doula while she was in training. I reached out and got so much information about doulas, I was in awe! I booked her and my experience pushed me to look into trainings. 3 years later, 50 plus birth and over 30 postpartum families, I’ve enjoyed every moment of being a full time doula!

Meet Samantha


I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls. Associates in general studies, certified medical assistant, CNA, Dialysis Tech, and phlebotomist. I’ve been trained as a birth and postpartum doula. Currently in school to become a RN. I’m also a dance teacher. I’ve been dancing since 3 years old. Graduated from Duke Ellington school of the Performing Arts High School; dance department. Which has helped me use different forms of dance to assist my birthers during pregnancy and labor. Dance, meditation, music and many other techniques are the many things I use that my clients have enjoyed during my many experiences of being a birth doula.

Being a single mom for 10 years before experiencing my 2nd birth with assistance, I struggled with postpartum depression, lack of sleep and so much more! This is why I’m passionate about helping my families through the postpartum period. I’m passionate and love on my clients as they are my family!

I see your birth as your story! I’m there to assist your with bringing your story to life! Educate, Assist and Advocate! Birth is beautiful, every moment. I love for my clients to go home with their families with the feeling as their birth was a beautiful story that THEY wrote!

Meet Samantha