Meet Stephanie LaChapelle!

If there is one thing I have learned in life it’s this: No matter what you plan, a curve ball can always come around the corner. This is how I approach my work and my life.

I grew up on the seacoast on New Hampshire. It’s funny. There isn’t much coastline in NH, so I feel very fortunate to have grown up on the beaches, next to the ocean. I have an affinity for the sea, as you can tell by my background picture. While I am currently living in Alexandria, VA, there is no doubt that my place by the ocean is waiting for me in New England!

My journey to becoming a doula began in 1985. I joined the United States Air Force because I just simply had no idea what I was going to do with my life! Because my experience out of high school was as an administrative assistant, I assumed this is where I would end up in the military. I could not have been more wrong, nor more lucky. I was assigned as a medical technician in the OB clinic at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to “try out” their career before investing in college. I fell in love with labor and delivery. I will never forget the first delivery I witnessed all those years ago.

After the Air Force, I went to college and obtained my Associate’s Degree. I worked in several different hospitals, gaining more and more experience along the way. While most of what I did was labor and delivery, I also spent some time as a school nurse and a camp nurse. I also worked briefly at an urgent care center. I always ended up back where I truly belong, however – maternal child nursing! I have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in nursing, and I am two classes away from my Master’s (I just need to muster up the ambition to finish.)

I have three children, all grown, and I ended up in Virginia so I could be closer to my brother and his wife and young children. I am currently working full time as a labor and delivery nurse, but I am finding it harder to do what I truly love: provide labor support. As a nurse, I love being able to provide care, but I don’t like having to spread myself out between more than one patient. As a doula, I can devote myself to one couple. I love educating couples on what to expect, and helping them to make the best decisions that they can with the information that they have.

My job is to help you, no matter what you decide. Do you want an unmedicated birth? I will help you achieve that to the best of my abilities. If you decide you would like an epidural, or other pain control method, that’s ok, too. Nothing is set in stone. Let’s talk and get to know one another!

My job is to help you, no matter what you decide.