Five Newborn Essentials

If you are preparing for the birth of a new baby you are more than likely overwhelmed by all the products...

There are obvious things that you and the baby will need after birth but there are a few items that can just make life, well, a lot easier.
The postpartum specialist at Balanced Birth Support have gathered their top 5 newborn essentials you must buy now!

Have you ever tried transitioning a sleeping baby from your arms to another sleeping surface?  It's always a "hold your breath and pray" moment that the baby won't wake-up. The DockATot mimics your warm and snuggly arms cradling your baby when you put him down, hopefully keeping your baby sleeping longer as they won't be started by the transition. It can also be used for tummy time by propping the baby up on the sides as you play and interact with your baby.

Sucking your babys mucus out of their nose might sound gross now, but you will be AMAZED at how effective The Nose Frida is and it will be the first thing you reach for when you baby has a stuffy nose! As a bonus, its much easier to clean and sterilized than a traditional bulb syringe.

We love ring slings from the newborn age through the toddler years.  It takes a bit of practice at first, but well worth it. For newborns, it keeps your baby close and snuggled against your chest, while leaving your arms free.  As the baby grows, you can't beat the convenience of being able to pop your baby in and out as you run errands. The ring sling sits on your side so your arms are free to work, read, or care for your older children.

Noise machines are so helpful on many levels.  It not only helps your baby transition into life outside by providing a noise similar to that inside the womb, but also masks some of the disruptive household noises that could startle or wake your baby. This noise machine in particular is highly customizable so you can get the perfect noise for both you and your baby!

Many babies prefer to be swaddled for sleep as they make their transition into the world. Swaddling can often stop the startle reflex that can wake up your baby leading to better sleep for both baby and mama!  These swaddles are 100% cotton to keep your baby comfortable and make swaddling a baby incredibly easy using velcro closures.

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