How Smartphone Apps Can Assist First-Time Parents

Technology to the Rescue: How Smartphone Apps Can Assist First-Time Parents

When you become parents for the first time, life instantly becomes more challenging. That's not to say that parenting isn't full of joy as well, but it can definitely be chaotic. Fortunately, with a great support system in place and a little help from your smartphone, you can reduce the stress and increase the bliss in your life with your little one. Balanced Birth Support invites you to explore the following tips.

Embracing Technology as New Parents

You love your smartphone because you can take all those amazing photos and videos of your little one. However, your phone is essential for a number of other reasons as well. First of all, you’ll need to have it on hand at all times for any emergencies, and secondly because you’ll want to download several apps to make life a little easier.

Ensure your smartphone, such as the many different options offered by Samsung, features a fast processor and is capable of running multiple apps. If your phone has seen better days, consider upgrading it to a better model. It’s also generally best to have an unlimited plan for talk, text, and data, but check your options with your service provider. And don’t forget to toss a portable phone charger into your diaper bag, as it will be a lifesaver when you are so sleep deprived that you forget to charge your phone.

There’s An App for That

For new parents, you can truly find an app to assist with just about everything. Hundreds of apps are available that you may find useful. Here are a few favorites that are worth trying out that help you managed some of the most common stressors and anxiety.


Research from the University of Warwick shows that sleep duration and satisfaction is decreased for both parents for up to six years after the baby's birth. If you want to improve your sleep, you need to get your baby to sleep. Sleep Baby Sleep is a free app that aims to help your little one fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It features six different white noises, from womb sounds to the vacuum cleaner. You can start and stop the app manually, or use its timer feature to set the noise for a period of time. To help parents sleep, check out a mediation app like Calm or Headspace which both feature mediations for specific situations, as well at sleep mediations to help you fall asleep.


Wondering if your baby is getting enough food and nutrition can cause a lot of anxiety for new parents.  Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a combination of both, many parents find it helpful to keep track of feedings. The Baby Tracker app is a full newborn journal and you can track both breastfeeding and bottle feeds and additionally, you can record diaper changes, baths, medications, temperatures, walks, and so much more.


Anxiety around whether your child is "normal" and hitting the milestones the same as other kids has significantly increased as more and more people share the minutiae of their child on social media.  While its easy to tell a new parents that all babies grow and develop at different rates (it is true!!) sometimes parents find it helpful to keep track of your baby's milestones. Based on the best-selling book, The Wonder Weeks app helps you track your baby's milestones and development during their first 20 months. It's chock-full of information, features personalized schedules, allows you to take notes in the diary, and syncs with your calendar. Of a similar vein as The Wonder Weeks app, Glow Baby tracks just about everything related to your baby. You can monitor feeding, diapering, and a whole lot more. It also features parenting tips, milestone tracking, and a community where you can interact with other parents.  Just remember to take a deep breath if your baby doesn't exactly like up with the info on these apps.  Check in with your pediatrician if you start to feel concerned about your child's development.


If you are looking for an app that encompasses schedules, events, grocery lists, meal plans, and much more, then check out Cozi. This app is comprehensive yet features an easy-to-use interface. A three-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner, the Cozi Family Organizer is considered a must-have for parents. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Your baby’s first year is an exciting time, but it can be extremely stressful as well. With a little help from your loved ones, health care providers, and smartphone, you can relieve some of that stress, track your baby’s milestones, and bond with your little one as they grow and develop.

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