What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

The postpartum doulas of Balanced Birth Support are an additional support person that will work seamlessly with your existing support and family; regardless of what level of support you already have in place. Our doulas provide help and guidance through nurturing, education, observation, and appropriate referrals. We comfortable working with all kinds of family dynamics.

The doulas support is intended to fill gaps that are left with our societies “normal” idea of support… which typically includes periodic medical checkups and family visits. Your postpartum doula can help you for extended periods of time (6-12) hours as you learn how to take care of yourself and your baby.

The goal of our postpartum doulas is to empower the parent(s) in this transitional phase of life; while also addressing any concerns and/or challenges that may come up.

Coming into your home or hospital (depending on your needs) your postpartum doula is prepared to help you adjust into your new normal with a brand new baby.

Our Postpartum doulas are prepared to give you non judgmental support; ultimately enhancing your choices with gentle guidance.

Author: Liz Oldham

Elizabeth is an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator serving the DC metro area. She is passionate about family centered birthing, believing that families will always remember the support and communication surrounding their births. She currently lives in Virginia with her Husband 4 children and crazy dog.

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