Free Birth Affirmation Printables

An affirmation is a sentence or phrase that you repeat to reinforce and ultimately imprint positivity
into your mind….

Research shows that people who constantly reaffirm positive outcomes have more desirable outcomes.
When used during pregnancy and birth, the goal of affirmations is to reduce fear and embody strength and calm for both birthing mother and partner.
I believe so strongly in affirmations for birth that I have created these FREE printable birth affirmations for you!
Print these free birth affirmations and hang them throughout your house, string them together to create a banner or make a collage for your birthing space.

Author: Liz Oldham

Elizabeth is an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator serving the DC metro area. She is passionate about family centered birthing, believing that families will always remember the support and communication surrounding their births. She currently lives in Virginia with her Husband 4 children and crazy dog.

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