Ways Birthing from Within Helps Parents

In our Birthing from Within childbirth education class you will...

Explore the internal landscape for labor

The internal landscape for labor relates to the emotional and mental journey – the internal experience. Regardless of how birth unfolds medically, the inner journey tends to have some common milestones. In addition to learning about anatomy, physical stages of labor, hormones and physiology, we go deep into the internal experience and also help parents prepare for and recognize some of those emotional guide posts along that journey.

Connect with your birth team

You might be surprised to find that you learn about your partner and gain new perspectives into their core beliefs and ways of being as you go through this class together. 

Foster self-compassion

Self-compassion is a necessary skill that can be developed and strengthened. We will flex that muscle in the safe space of class, so that it is a bit more developed by the time you are a new parent…just in case you need it 😉 

Also, being in a group setting with other parents in a similar place on their journey can be extremely validating. You might find that the hang-ups, fears, and challenges that you face are much more common and relatable than you think.

Focus on solutions

Whether a recurring theme is struggling to accept help, learning to be kinder to yourself, or getting more comfortable with the unknown, by focusing on solutions, we are able to get right to the heart of the matter. Rather than dwelling on a problem, we can shift into actionable solutions that can change your experience of pregnancy today in meaningful ways so that you have that skillset readily available to help you in labor and as a new parent. 

Cope with intensity

By the end of the course, you will have learned four different mindfulness-based pain coping practices. You will also learn many other hands-on tips and tricks for coping with the intensity of labor. You will gain a much deeper understanding of pain and of yourself that helps normalize pain and 

Release attachment to outcome

It’s perfectly natural to picture a specific outcome for birth, and this class will give you the tools you need to control everything that you can control in order to achieve your ideal outcome. AND it will also help you develop the skills to navigate the unknown and cope with the uncontrollable aspects of birth. That way, you can go into labor with a much deeper confidence that does not depend on things going according to plan. 

Tune into their internal resources

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by a seemingly endless amount of information and not knowing who to trust. By tuning into your internal resources, you gain a compass to guide you when you don’t know where to turn. You have had an entire lifetime of experiences up until now that provide you with great strength, wisdom, and resources that are uniquely applicable to you. This class will help you draw upon those experiences in a meaningful way and connect the dots as to how they apply to your experience during pregnancy and labor. 

Prepare for birth physically, mentally, and emotionally

The physical, mental, and emotional are inextricably connected. Stress, fear, and worry (among other things) create physiological hormone responses that affect the way your body reacts to pain. You cannot be fully prepared to cope with the physical intensity of birth without also addressing the limiting beliefs and stories that would intensify pain. This class will give you physical techniques to cope with labor while also preparing you emotionally and building the mental flexibility that such an intense rite of passage requires. 


“This class was intensely personal - and that is its greatest strength. For those willing to ‘fully commit to the journey,’ there really is a lot a person can learn about themselves and their partner from this class. But it was also personal in the level of instruction from Pam. We could tell that Pam really tailored the pace and content of the class specifically to us. There were times when she would pause and very deliberately think about something and that sort of became an indicator that we were about to get some really good insight just for us. Pam was also great at recognizing if something either of us said, even in passing, deserved some extra attention. Overall, we are so grateful to have taken this course and met Pam - our birth experience would have been very different without it.” - Bridget and Sam S.

“Pamela is one of the most patient teachers. She answered all of our questions and was always very available to all of us. She is also incredibly open about her own experiences and makes for a non-judgmental atmosphere instilled with humor. She also encourages participation without pressuring anyone. Be prepared to get thoughtful about your own feelings and assumptions, while also learning practical things about labor and early childcare. Thank you!!” - Callie M.

“Pam has an ability to meet people where they are at with compassion and grace. She has a great depth of knowledge.” - Alyson S.

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